Common Casino Scams

Everyone knows that gambling online can be a risky endeavor as there are plenty of casinos that do not play fairly. Most of the scams that less than honest casinos use to cheat online players out of money are quite common and easy to spot if a player knows what to look for.

Stealing Information

One of the most common ways that casinos steal from their customers is by taking their private personal and financial data. Because players are required to deposit real money with which to gamble, scam artists can either take that money and run or use those transfers to get at the money players don't deposit. Players can protect themselves from such theft by taking a few precautions. For instance, players can set up a third party account through e-wallets or PayPal and keep only a limited amount of money in those accounts. That way, even if a casino attempts to steal that money, they can only get a small amount as opposed to all of a player's savings.

Rigging the Games

Other casinos may appear to be completely honest with deposits and personal data, but they will rig the games so that players almost never win any money. Honest casinos will use random number generators to keep games as fair as possible. Other casinos will program their games to prevent players from hitting jackpots or ever beating the house at card games. Players can spot this scam by noting any patterns in games. Purely random games should have no discernible pattern. If there is a pattern or any predictable results, the game is not random and may be rigged.

By looking for these common scams, players can avoid becoming victims of less than honest casinos. Players should consult online reviews to see if any previous players have noted dishonest behavior, and then they should avoid those suspect casinos.

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