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Promotions and bonus offers are the best advertising techniques online casinos have to attract more players. There are many reasons casinos hold promotions, but the best offers are usually related to popular current events and special occasions like those mentioned below.

Holiday Promotions

Some of the best online casino promotions are offered on holidays. Casinos know that many people have days off from work during holidays so they have more opportunities to visit their favorite gambling websites. The thought of winning big is especially attractive during some holiday seasons like Christmas and special bonus promotions make it even more enticing.

Casino Promotions for Sporting Events

Major sporting events also make excellent opportunities for casinos to host promotions. Special slot machines with a sports theme may be used to attract players, along with bonuses and other offers. Many online casinos hold promotional events during the World Cup, but it's a good idea to check your favorite casinos for promotions anytime a popular sports tournament occurs.

Other Casino Promotions

Casinos have an endless assortment of opportunities to hold promotions and offer bonuses to their customers. Holidays and sporting events are the most common occasions, but many online casinos celebrate season changes with promotions as well. Popular entertainment events also make great casino promotions, like the Oscars and blockbuster movie debuts.

When you know the most common times for online casinos to hold promotional events, you can take advantage of bonuses, free games, tournaments and other special offers that the casino hosts.

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