Biggest Casino Bets

Over the course of history, there have been a few insanely big and intriguingly odd casino bets made. Some of the most notable of the biggest casino bets in history are discussed below.

Predicting the Future Wins Thousands

The most amazing casino bet in history was made by a man from Wales in 1989. He wagered £30 on various things that would occur before the turn of the 21st century - a bet with odds of 6,479 to 1. By the year 2000, many of the selected events had already happened. Because of his predictions, he celebrated the new millennium with £194,400.

The Biggest Casino Bet in History

Ashley Revell holds the record for the biggest casino bet ever made. In 2004, Revell sold all of his possessions, rented a tux, and bought a ticket to Vegas. When he arrived from Britain, the 32 year old placed the entire $135,300 on red at the American roulette table. When the ball came to rest in the red seven pocket, Revell doubled his money and walked away with $270,600.

Big Wins Turn to Bigger Losses

A Las Vegas man had been kicked out by his wife in 1995 and took his $400 social security check to a nearby casino. At the blackjack table, without any sort of logical strategy, the man turned his $400 into a $1 million win. Unfortunately, the man continued to gamble and eventually lost all of the winnings as well as the original $400.

Big casino bets have been placed throughout history; some have won because of their experience and skill, while many have won out of pure luck. And then there are some of the biggest casino bets in history that didn't win, but resulted in a substantial loss.

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